Contained Burn Units, Inc.

Products Available-
Built Tough with Quality Manufacturing
Shipped Nationwide  
High Heat Paint
Tilt Dump or Self Cleaning which offers  a slotted open bottom
 to allow ash to fall into natural excavated hole for burial.   This
 effective new open bottom system acts more as a fencing barrier
 to prevent blowing ash and material from escaping.                                  

Trash-erator / Lightweight / Lower Heat units for rural landowner use:
4' x 4' x 4'  and 4' x 4' x 8'.  Option for Silver High Heat Paint.

Slash-erator Sizes Available in Tilt Dump or Self-Cleaning
for 8 - 10 inch diameter logs, tree sections, and stumps attached                to this sized trees :

W          H             L
8' x 8' x 24' - Capacity 56 yards -7890 lbs.**
6' x 6' x 12' - Capacity 16 yards - 3250 lbs.**
6' x 4' x 12' - Capacity 10.6 yards - 2499 lbs.
4' x 4' x 8'   - Capacity 4.7 yards - 1450 lbs.
* All measurements, capacities and weights are approximate and will vary with purchase and accessories.
***Pricing is subject to change with material increases and can not be confirmed until order is placed.


**The Monster Stump-erator / Self Cleaning models for disposal of massive amounts of material in less time. Available in  6' x 6' x 12'        or  8' x 8' x 24' for whole tree sections, including large monster stumps. 

***All Slash-erators and Monster Stump-erators includes Silver Color High Heat Paint for weather-proofing.

Custom Sizes Available    



Slash-erators at Work


The Natural Air-Flow System

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of the Contained Burn Units  is that the system functions totally through the process of natural air-flow and the suction of air drawn directly over the burning elements by using a specifically designed 360 degree vent pattern system.  These strategically placed and sized vents cause a draw of air moving upward.  As the heat temperature rises, a circulation of the particulates begins.  This continual rotation of air causes a hotter burn which in turn reduces smoke particulates. 

Contained Burn Units are best described as a self contained metal box available in a variety of sizes with custom sizes and options available.  These boxes can be loaded manually or with machinery, filled with natural wood materials that can be ignited with accelerant, like diesel, in a safely controlled situation.

The unit is composed of a pair of runners located on the ground with a solid metal floor and three (3) solid sturdy metal sides.  A metal latching door is located at one end to make up the remaining side.  A cover or type of lid is attached on one side with the weight supported by lid stops.  The lid consists of a metal frame covered with a mesh to allow for heat to escape, but also serves to restrict ash or cinder release.  The latching door allows for easy access into the unit or to remove the ash located in the bottom of the unit.  The ash pan located in the bottom of the unit allows for easier cleaning after extended use and relocation of the ash by-product.  Not only does the ash pan allow for easier cleaning, it also protects the metal floor by acting as a "cooling barrier" around the lower portion of the unit.

Features of Slash-erators Contained Burn Units:

  • Non-mechanical working  system. 
  • Natural drafting and air-flow system.
  • Unit rests on runners to assist with mobility. 
  • Metal cover allows heat to escape, but restricts ash and cinder, while closed. 
  • Metal cover, when open, allows for easy loading access and acts as a wind break during burning periods.
  • Closure of metal screened cover increases safety while material is burning down overnight and                         ash remains hot.
  • Metal latching door provides easy access for cleaning and removal of ash.
  • No mechanical repairs necessary.
  •  System design is much less expensive to operate and manufacture than any other logging disposal system  on the market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Contained Burn Units Shipped Nationally --  Wholesale - Retail - Rental - Visa - Mastercard - Discover - American Express  Accepted - Contact for more information:                                                                            Sales at  (970) 531-3386 / (970) 531-3387 or
            ** All burn units should only be used in accordance with all regulations for burning in your area.


                  Slash-erator/ Contained Burn Unit is burning hot with cover closed and virtually no smoke.

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